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SUIBOTSU 2.0 - The Kimono Edit

Coming to our shop soon

Life imitates Art.

SUIBOTSU 2.0 is an extension of our first collection and features our luxury handmade shirts with wide sleeves, three new prints and our innovative deconstructive concept allowing the wearer to mix and match halves of shirts. Inspired by Japanese art and menswear and developed from the concept of submersion, isolation, evolution, and transformation, the collection pays homage to one of nature's best magic tricks the Butterfly. The concept of beauty and growth in the still quiet place, submerged from all influence, pressures, and expectations is encapsulated in our hand-drawn print studies of the Japanese "Great Purple Emperor" The collection also infuses photographic and text prints for a clean artistic aesthetic.

Introducing our ICONIC concept - The LEGGO Shirt

Our LEGGO Kimono shirts are built with interchangeble halves. Each shirt comes apart completely in two halves Pioneering precision allows the wearer to mix and match left and right sides of all 9 shirts. This innnovative concept engages the wearer’s creativity as they become part of the design process encouraging positive mental being, increasing love and value in ones clothing hence reducing the habit to consume and discard cheap fast fashion. All of our LEGGO shirts can be purchased separately but you will need at least two to explore our concept.