LICLILLLV is the collection which launched the label officially and followed the designers graduate collection. Although not immediately obvious in the stereotypical sense, something the designer deliberately expresses, the collection is heavily influenced by her home continent Africa and provides a harmonious mix between African and Main stream high Fashion.

The collection features prints that are all hand drawn as a collaboration between the SYDNEY-DAVIES and Hungarian artist Gabor Zolyomi (Gallery of Tales), and feature an African Giraffe skull with butterfly wings of a species exclusive to Africa, organic tree like prints inspired by Ariel views of parts of Africa where Rivers and streams are drying up an in turn forces the water to split and mix with the land forming beautiful organic shapes and curves. Every SYDNEY-DAVIES collection has a story and every little detail has a place, inspiration and purpose.
LICLILLV can be shopped made-to-order by contacting us directly.

Liclillv Men

Liclillv Women