Sasakia Charonda
We have based our print studies on the Great Japanese Purple Emperor butterfly known as Sasakia Charonda. A majestic, much loved and respected symbol for Japanese wildlife and the nation of Japan in general.

Relating to our theme of Submersion, Isolation, Evolution and Transformation we have based our print aesthetics on the Butterfly. In its very nature the butterfly demonstrates our theme in a beautiful and mysterious way. The cocoon, a not so glamorous or aesthetically pleasing phenomena is the butterflies version of a bath tub full of water, isolating the lavae from the outside world giving it time to evolve and transform in solitary into a delicately beautiful creature. A magical transformation which has both inspired and established the theme of the upcoming collection SUIBOTSU.

Satisfied only with Auntheticity, we naturally decided to cast our lens towards Japan and therein we found and fell in love with the Great Purple Emperor. It's title alone commands authority and value, traists we are channelling into the collection.

The Purple Emperor feeds predominantly on hackberries. Due to how tall the tress grow the Emperor spends most of its life in the upper canopies of the forest only coming down to feed. Sadly because these trees are being cut down partly due to the heights they reach along with other factors, the Great Emperor is severly endangered.

We have taken inspiration from the Emperor's wing pattern and colour, adapting it to to our muted realistic tones of ocean blues and greens. Our aim is to celebrating it's majesty whilst highlighting the plight of one of nature's many wonders, THE GREAT PURPLE EMPEROR.

"No man steps in the same river twice.
For it is not the same river, and he is not the same man"

01-01-21 • Was a good day. We wasted no time getting on with the vision, exploring and testing out both visual and print concepts for the collection. We are simultaneously fine tuning our prints and refining our 2 key silhouettes/cut. Classic and Kimono. Here we have conducted photographic studies using the kimono toile (test base piece) for something really really special for our final prints.

"What made it even more special was taking the product back to the spot where it was conceived. I spent many days by these lakes sitting at this exact spot during lockdown researching and designing the new collection. So much has gone into our new phase and I wouldnt have it any other way. I've enjoyed every single bit of the journey, the research the development phases which are my favourite part of the entire design process. The feeling you get in those lightbulb moments when you're inspired is euphoric." (ESD)

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