Freetown Home

I spent most weekends down town at the family home I grew up in. This was the home we resided in when the rebels captured Freetown and held us under 2 weeks of brutal War. The house was renovated after the war to repair damages especially the bullet holes in the walls and our possessions left by the rebels.

During the few weeks siege, crawling along the floor to avoid stray bullets and attention was the norm. At one point my grandmother sent my mother and I to the small outside toilet structure (remains seen here in concrete) to hide when the rebels came door to door down every street kidnapping, raping and killing.

My grandmother was prepared to sacrifice her own life so that my mother and I would have a chance. I spent most of my childhood here being raised here by my mother and grandmother. This house bears so many memories and forms a key foundation in my life's history. It felt great to be back and start the journey I've always imagined, giving back in the way I know that will hopefully inspire and change lives. One little drop at a time.

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