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Who we are

SYDNEY-DAVIES is a new Menswear brand launched with the sole aim of leading the way in innovative, original, sustainable ethical fashion. Formerly both women’s and men’s wear, Sydney-Davies now only caters exclusively to Menswear, a shift that materialised over the pandemic. SYDNEY-DAVIES' strong ethical and sustainability ethos underpins its new direction and is a source of inspiration for their Debut Menswear Collection 'SUIBOTSU'

Founded in 2015 by designer and Alexander McQueen trainee, Euphemia Sydney-Davies, the brand has made stellar advances within the fashion industry. Making its debut on the Africa Fashion Week runway in New York, SYDNEY-DAVIES has built a loyal following through its captivating aesthetics and values. Designer Euphemia-ann has powered through the industry with her work featured in Vogue, Dazed, Hunger magazines, BBC, ITV, ALJAZEERA, to name a few. With its strong ethical message, the brand is committed to reinvesting, mentoring, developing, and rebuilding current and future generations through fashion.

This has been exemplified through working and supporting local businesses, suppliers and manufacturers here in the UK as well as creating opportunities in her native country of Sierra Leone, where she fled from as a child refugee of the civil war.

As Euphemia puts it, “Fashion isn’t just fashion for me. It is my vehicle to inspire dreams, instil pride, be a positive beacon for others alike, provide jobs and help develop places that the world forgets.”

After taking a sabbatical in 2019, to focus on her mental health, she decided to concentrate on just Menswear which has been her main passion since embarking on her design journey. Taking inspiration from her newly found vision, her ethical foundations and her love of Japanese culture and fashion, the debut collection “SUIBOTSU” draws from the concept of "SUBMERSION" as a means to Isolate, Rejuvenate, Refocus and Evolve into a being of beauty and purpose. The collection's hand drawn aesthetics also pay homage to the endangered Japanese butterfly known as 'The Great Purple Emperor' as a signal to the brands sustainability ethos.

The collection consists of three key silhouettes each of which incorporates a combination of unique hand-drawn prints inspired by the designers love and admiration of ancient Japanese woodblock style drawings and modern bold Text-Print. The collection also features a unique and pioneering deconstructive concept.